Cooperative DELA

    Funeral and life insurance specialist DELA focuses on the continuity of life. Since its founding in 1937, the cooperation has followed the principle “together we are stronger and can achieve more”. It is DELA’s ambition that its members can face the future as problem-free as possible. To achieve this and to help its clients better, the various IT systems were due for an update.


    For members

    A cooperative is there for its members. DELA has therefore raised the question what would need to change to the organization to make it revolve more around the demands of its members. There were several computer systems that contained client data. When clients contacted the organization, it was not always possible to see all related information at a glance. But this is what clients expect, and rightly so.
    “To achieve our goals, a good IT system is crucial. We must have a system that enables employees to serve our members with the right data. The same system should facilitate direct access by customers. We have realised this by working with a number of highly specialized IT companies, including Axon Olympus.” says Alfo Melisse, CIO at Cöoperatie DELA.


    One customer image

    The aim of the update was to not only provide better service to members, but also to allow DELA staff to work more efficiently and even more customer focused. A new employee portal allows for fast and responsive answers to any questions clients may have.
    Raymond Aerts, Project Manager at Cöoperatie DELA, explains: “Over the decades, the organization has collected various types of customer information. This information was stored in different systems. Of course, we desired one client image: who is the customer, what products does he (or she) use, and how does he want to be contacted? When we have all this data readily available, we can achieve a more personal approach. For instance, employees can congratulate a client on his birthday or be sympathetic because we are aware that a family member has passed away.”


    New CRM system

    In order to make all this this happen, DELA had its customer data centralized in a modern CRM system from Microsoft Dynamics. Information from a dozen different databases was incorporated in this single system. At the same time, customer and product data has been cleaned.
    Kristel van Reenen, Program Manager at KGW Cöoperatie DELA, says: “We now have an environment where our employees no longer need to consult various computer systems. In the new system, they will find all the information about our members, from product data to contact info. It is possible to see, for instance, that the family composition of a member has changed. We can take advantage of this by making customized offers. We will also provide members with online access to their data so they can self-serve if they wish. We know there is a demand for this.”


    Axon Olympus central in large project

    Linking all the information together was obviously a huge challenge. In addition, the IT staff had to learn to think in the form of services (SOA). Consultants from Axon Olympus were in the midst of this project. They helped by setting up of a reference architecture and provided assistance with practical issues, such as a development cookbook and work instructions. They were also the hub between the other parties with regards to data exchange. Together with Axon Olympus, the system was built in the record time of five months.


    DELA is very positive about the cooperation with Axon Olympus. Raymond Aerts: “It is a group of professionals that deliver what they promise. They understand the context and the issues. Also, they are experts in their field and only deliver the best possible quality.”