As a leading Microsoft BizTalk Server and Cloud Integration specialist, we have recently become the exclusive distributor for the Netherlands of the Rödl Dynamics CRM Adapter. Also, under the Axon Olympus name, we have developed the Dynamics AX Integration Booster. Both products have been implemented at Euretco to achieve a fast, cost efficient and future proof integration solution.


    Integration Solution at Euretco

    Euretco, the largest retail service organization in the Netherlands, already was using Microsoft BizTalk Server, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. After Euretco had analysed and tested various integration solutions it became clear that this integration was an excellent case for the Axon Olympus Dynamics AX Integration Booster in combination with the Rödl Dynamics CRM Adapter. Both products provide great time savings during the development and testing phase. This is because they abstract all technical complexity during the setup of the integration. In this way the focus remains entirely on the functional issue. This simplification directly reduces any project development risks.


    Jeroen Koppenaal, ICT manager at Euretco, comments: “We analysed various options for the most optimum coupling between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX. Microsoft itself does not offer a satisfactory solution. Axon Olympus acquainted us with their standard products. And, together with our own in-house developers, they made use of these to achieve an integration solution which forms a robust foundation for all future integrations between Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM.”


    Why a Dynamics AX Integration Booster

    From our extensive experience with Microsoft ERP integration projects, we know that similar steps are performed every time. Aside from the technical drawbacks associated with this, the risk of errors is increased and the development of the solution requires more time.

    It is for these reasons that integration specialist Axon Olympus developed the Dynamics AX Integration Booster. It consists of a reliable and reusable set of components that handles the entire communication with Dynamics AX. The Booster can be acquired as a separate product. In this case Axon Olympus and Euretco collaborated to achieve an optimal total solution by using this product.


    Rödl: German top quality

    The German company Rödl & Partner has developed a CRM Accelerator suite to seamlessly integrate BizTalk Server and Dynamics CRM. Axon Olympus is the exclusive distributor for the Netherlands for this product. The suite supports rapid development with Microsoft Visual Studio, visual control when creating mappings, BAM and ESB Toolkit integration and a comprehensive ticketing system that allows the workload to be dynamically adjusted. For the Euretco project the Rödl CRM Adapter and CRM Event pipeline are used. The adapter saves a lot of time when creating mappings; the pipeline ensures that messages are sent through the CRM environment on the basis of triggers.


    For more information about these products, please contact Axon Olympus. Brochures are available on the Axon Olympus website concerning the AX Integration Booster and the Rödl Dynamics CRM Adapter.


    About Euretco

    Euretco is a retail service organization that collaborates with 2,200 businesses and franchises. These operate nearly 3,300 stores in the fashion, living, sports and media sectors. Businesses affiliated with Euretco can avail at their own discretion of purchasing benefits, regular exchange of knowledge and sales cooperation. They offer a choice of different formulas: specially designed shop concepts, private labels and franchise. Well-known retail and shop-in-shop formats include Intersport, Libris, Runnersworld, Coach, Decorette, Livera, Vivante, Blz. and Topform. More information is available via www.euretco.com.


    About Axon Olympus

    Axon Olympus, the largest Microsoft integration partner in the Netherlands, is dedicated to supporting businesses to improve their competitiveness and growth efficiently and in a more cost-advantageous manner. The focus is on the deployment of Microsoft BizTalk Server and the Azure Service Bus. Thanks to its focus Axon Olympus provides its customers unparalleled ICT integration and Business Process Automation solutions. As a full service services organization Axon Olympus offers a complete portfolio of integration solutions, including consulting, development, testing, management, training and support. Axon Olympus is a Microsoft Gold Partner Application Integration and works exclusively with Microsoft certified consultants. For more information visit www.axonolympus.nl.