TW4 Fulfillment Services

    TW4 is an international fulfilment services bureau and part of Time Inc. As a market leading global organisation, TW4 has offices in seven different countries and premium clients and their customers in over 150 countries. Magazine subscribers from all over the world generate a constant and very large stream of data, such as new subscriptions, renewals and payments. To further strengthen its leadership in this highly competitive market and adapt quickly to new business challenges, TW4 chose BizTalk Server as the platform upon which to build its services.



    Magazine subscribers from all over the world generate a constant and very large stream of data, such as new subscriptions and payments. Before this project, a large part of this stream was in paper form. TW4 wanted to turn the entire paper stream into digital information. At the same time a need for extra security and encryption emerged. Quick adaptation of business critical IT processes was required.



    Jerry Dawson, Solutions Architect at TW4 Fulfilment Services, was already aware of Microsoft BizTalk Server and its capabilities. “Axon Olympus was recommended to us as a highly specialised BizTalk implementation partner. We needed to adapt quickly to the changing business requirements. The project started in December and we went live about two months later. That is an incredibly short period of time, especially considering the fact that Axon Olympus made many specific adjustments for us. What is even more amazing is the fact that our version of BizTalk was so new that it was really still in beta.”


    Business advantages

    The combination of BizTalk Server and SQL Server used is PCI compliant, which is a must for handling credit card transactions and storing other sensitive data. All mail coming in to Amsterdam is now scanned and machine read by using OCR technology. The scan and associated data are turned into XML format, handled by Microsoft BizTalk Server, interpreted and routed. Additional information in the stream enables management to act upon KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Last but not least, the new system has realized significant cost reductions.