Axon Olympus solves Evides’ interfacing issues

    Evides is a trustworthy and reliable supplier for extracting, purifying and delivering water. The company supplies drinking water to the southern part of the province of South Holland, the whole of the province of Zeeland and the most western part of the province of Brabant. Additionally Evides delivers water for use in industries and purifies waste water.


    Data Distribution

    A water company’s technology and infrastructure are very complex. It comprises factories, pipelines, connectors and such. All the details concerning these assets of the organization are managed by an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Other systems are involved with e.g. the geographical location of objects or storage of all the internal documents. Over time a number of bespoke software systems have been specifically developed for Evides. Evides also uses several standard software packages, e.g. a scanning solution for digitizing documents. All this data needs to be exchanged between the different systems as well as with its ERP application.


    Interfacing via Microsoft BizTalk Server

    During the transition from Baan ERP to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Evides was confronted with a large number of interfaces between Baan and the surrounding systems. It is evident that the majority of the messages transferred through these interfaces should now also flow to and from Microsoft Dynamics AX. This required the expertise of Axon Olympus. The Axon Olympus specialists defined 20 essential interfaces.


    Various inventive orchestrations were designed and implemented to solve the integration issue. With the use of orchestrations it is possible to visually define integration logics and business processes. All orchestrations are ready for the future use of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) at Evides. BAM is a standard feature of BizTalk enabling the definition of milestones and report when these milestones are reached during the execution of a business processes.


    Added Value

    Communication is of the utmost importance in a situation involving multiple systems, software vendors, application managers and internal departments. The challenge for such integration projects does not lie in providing resources. The consultants of Axon Olympus provided real added value by having the necessary communication skills, as well as a broad vision and expertise in defining a well-established architecture. 

    Mr. Van Ravesteijn, senior project manager at Evides, says: “The consultants of Axon Olympus cooperate together very closely. This is one of the reasons why the organization provides real added value. Following this successful BizTalk Server project we will aim to further extend the usage of BizTalk in the future. We will definitely consider calling in Axon Olympus to support us again.”



    Contemporary business management demands swift and sound decisions based on the actual information. Evides has a complex application landscape. An important element therein is Microsoft Dynamics AX. BizTalk Server is the essential link pin for supplying this and other systems with the correct information. Axon Olympus is the essential link pin in achieving optimal use of BizTalk Server.