The people

    SOA, Cloud integration, Enterprise Application Integration… just a few of the things we do.

    We can’t do them alone. It is imperative that we learn about your organisation.

    Only then can we build the best integration solutions.


    Below, you can get to know us.

    Joris Arts

    Principal Integration & BPM Consultant
    "I once built my own integration solution."

    René Bik

    Senior Integration & BPM Consultant
    "Surrounded by integration specialists, here I feel like a fish in water."

    Jasper Defesche

    Lead Integration & BPM Architect
    "In no time we got all the stoplights to go green."

    Erwin van Eeken

    Account Manager
    "Guiding clients to the solution they need, not what they want"

    Sophie Eikelenboom

    Integration Consultant
    "I am communicative, analytical, and have a problem solving mindset"

    Nils Gruson

    Integration & BPM Consultant
    "I enjoy both technology and the communication with stakeholders"

    Jonathan Gurevich

    Business Development Manager
    "I challenge you to challenge me."

    Matthijs den Haan

    Integration & BPM Consultant
    "Solving puzzles gives me energy."

    Eva Hamers

    Integration Consultant
    "I am highly motivated an eager to learn"

    Lex Hegt

    Senior Integration & Support Consultant
    "I have a passion for development and innovation."

    Niels van der Kaap

    Junior Integration Consultant
    "As a scientist, I am good at abstracting complex scenarios. As an IT professional, I get to fix things in a relatively short time"

    Erwin Kramer

    Junior Integration & IoT Consultant
    "Whether through IoT, Azure or any other means, integration is my main goal"

    Sjoerd van Lochem

    General Manager
    "Creating value for the customer is what motivates me."

    Ronald Lokers

    Senior Integration & BPM Consultant
    "As a BizTalk Specialist I am like a spider in the automation web."

    Jeroen Luitwieler

    BizTalk Integration & IoT Consultant
    "Instead of just fixing the problem, I try to take away the underlying cause"

    Vincent ter Maat

    IoT & Integration Consultant
    "With the IoT solutions that I help develop, we are at the forefront of the ‘next big thing’"

    Sean MacGillavry

    Managing Director
    "The greater the challenge, the more motivated I become."

    Dennis van Mierlo

    Integration and IoT consultant
    "Trust, quality and sustainability are my keywords"

    Annemerijn Schroevers

    Office Manager
    "I assist the consultants to fully support our clients"

    Pim Simons

    Senior Integration & BPM Consultant
    "Working 9 to 5 is not my style, to work cleverly is."

    Charles Storm

    Lead Integration & BPM Architect
    "Integration: there is always a surprise coming from the most unexpected areas."

    Peter Vervoorn

    Lead Integration & BPM Architect
    "Deploying technology to bring down barriers is the essence to me."

    Emrah Yazici

    Junior Integration Consultant
    "If you want to be an integration specialist, why not go to the best in The Netherlands"