Products for Integration Development

    Our BizTalk experts often see situations where different customers work to find solutions to the same problems. This is time consuming and inefficient. Our products for development strive to give you a known solution to a common problem. Using this solution will not only save you time and expenses, you are also certain that the solution has been developed and tested by experts in the field.

    Dynamics AX Integration Booster

    Are you using Microsoft BizTalk Server to integrate your systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX? Or is it your intention to implement AX als your ERP solution and use BizTalk to disclose the information? In that case, the AX Integration Booster is what you need.

    Integration Framework

    Even BizTalk Server requires development and configuration to reach its optimum potential. This is especially true where monitoring and logging of message traffic are concerned. As with the routing of messages, which we believe to be crucial for a world class integration solution. The Axon Software Integration Framework allows BizTalk Server to reach this potential. The Integration Framework is a standards based methodology for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013.

    Rödl Dynamics CRM Adapter

    Microsoft does not provide a BizTalk adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The integration can only be realized via an original WCF service. The Rödl Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server seamlessly integrates BizTalk Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM with no installation effort on the CRM system.
    Roedl Dynamics CRM Adapter


    Scribe simplifies enterprise data integration and allows your business to achieve a true 360° view of the customer, front office to back office integration, global access to data and on-premises system to cloud connectivity.

    It is complementary to existing enterprise integration platforms. Nothing needs to be replaced with Scribe, instead it allows you to easily extend your existing platform to handle the customer data integration needs for applications such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Support and Finance, including: Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, ExactTarget®, Marketo®, SilverPop, Oracle® and SAP.

    Scribe Online Platform & Services is a true cloud integration platform.

    Scribe Insight delivers enterprise ready, software based integration for CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com and ERP systems such as SAP and Peoplesoft.

    Scribe Solution Replicate Migrate Integrate