The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

    Many companies are exploring Internet Of Things (IoT) scenarios in their businesses to create new services and create a competitive edge. However, many are experiencing hurdles when connecting systems or sensors to the cloud. For instance:


    Business challenges

    • You know your sensor options and have the data science capability. But the thing in between to connect it all is missing
    • You have a great idea and would like to start today. But you don’t have the time to develop your own solution
    • You have a winning IoT-idea but getting your data in the cloud is too costly or cumbersome
    • Your company needs a solution which operates independently of your current IT infrastructure in a secure, scalable and reliable fashion. But your IT division is too busy to monitor and maintain it

    Technical obstacles

    • You have sensors and system that are not internet-capable or do not support the required protocols and cloud connections
    • Your sensors/devices have no security or authentication built in
    • You do not want to assign an IP address to each sensor or system
    • You want to update and maintain all your sensors and devices securely and efficiently, even when they are located outside your controlled IT network/domain
    • You want to have monitoring/maintenance of all your IoT solutions within one dashboard

    Axon Olympus can offer you consultancy or a solution in the form of our Gateway.

    The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

    Nebulus™ is an essential IoT component if you wish to use sensor and system data near real-time in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The gateway is part of our secure, reliable, scalable and flexible service that supports all your IoT scenarios.
    The Nebulus™ Gateway will connect to any sensor or device that supports at least one type of connection (for example wired, Bluetooth, WiFi). Once Axon Nebulus™ is hooked up to the internet and is connected to your sensors and systems, it will start collecting sensor data and telemetry and stream it to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Now you can really execute your IoT idea by exploring and analyzing your data, realizing your asset management, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance scenarios.
    Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

    Supported sensors and devices

    Nebulus™ comes with a number of adapters and can further connect out-of-the-box adapters with a wide range of sensors and systems (SQL, oData, Web Service, OPC ua). Do your sensors and systems come with propriety interfaces? No worries, you are able to develop custom adapters using .NET or we can create a custom adapter for you that will meet your specific criteria.


    Security from the ground up

    Nebulus™ is designed with security, safety and reliability in mind. We have invested heavily in the security and reliability of both the gateway and device management components.


    Nebulus™ subscription plans

    Both plans start from €10 per month.

    • Boxed subscription
      Select different hardware configurations ranging from a raspberry PI to mini PC’s (Linux or Windows).
    • Bring-your-own-box subscription
      Choose this plan when you want to use existing hardware or want to select the hardware yourself. The IoT Gateway app installs on Linux, Windows, Windows Server and Windows 10 IoT core.

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