Powershell script: collect send and receive port information

    At the moment I am involved in migrating BizTalk Server 2009 applications to a brand new BizTalk Server 2013 platform. Most of the systems that BizTalk connects with are placed behind a firewall. To allow communication between those systems and the new BizTalk Server 2013 environment new firewall rules had to be added.


    I needed the target IP-address (or DNS-name) of the systems that BizTalk connects with and port numbers of the protocols used to connect to those systems. All this information can be found in the BizTalk administration console, but this customer has quite some receive locations and send ports. Therefore I decided to create a PowerShell script to collect this information for me. The script collects all the needed information and writes this to a comma separated file.


    I realize that this is not something you do on a daily bases, but never the less, hopefully this script can be of some use to you. You can download the script here.


    30 juni 2014