BizTalk Management Consultancy

    Managing a middleware environment such as Microsoft BizTalk Server requires a serious and knowledgeable approach. For this you need an experienced partner. Axon Olympus has developed an array of managed services that make us valuable for customers of all sizes.


    Managed Services

    Axon Olympus can help you manage your integration systems. Our consultants assist you with a change management process, with creating operational work procedures or the execution of (periodical) incident analyses in order to track possible underlying issues. Furthermore, Axon Olympus can help you with Infrastructure Design or a management plan.
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    Disaster Recovery

    If a serious disruption were to occur in your BizTalk environment, does your organization know how it should be restored?

    Axon Olympus is your experienced partner in designing, implementing and periodically testing your Disaster Recovery procedures. Together with you, we ensure that your organisation is able to restore your system quickly after a disruption has occurred.

    There are three different Disaster Recovery services to choose from.

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    Infrastructure Design

    Should you be a new BizTalk user, or you intend upgrading your existing BizTalk environment to a more recent version, your infrastructure needs to be adapted to allow for this. This is not limited to acquiring new hardware; you must also acquire the correct licenses needed for the Windows Operating System, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, and other required software. Additionally, there are

    several solutions for high availability as well as various possibilities to enhance and optimize the performance of your environment. We can assist you in making an infrastructure plan which fits your company and your business requirements.
    Axon Olympus Management Consultancy – EN


    Management Plan

    We can support your organization when setting up a management plan. This important document describes the preventive management activities and when these should be executed. We verify for instance if the configuration settings are still correct and that the servers have sufficient capacity to handle future developments. With this plan you will be able to prevent incidents and maintain a high availability of the BizTalk platform.
    Axon Olympus Management Consultancy – EN