QA & Test Services

    Knowledge and experience in the field of quality management is not present in every organisation. This is specifically true for chain integration. And precisely this item is more and more important in many organisations’ ICT strategy. For those organisations, Axon Olympus offer a full range of services with regards to Quality Management and Test Services.


    Axon Olympus Test Services – general

    When utilising integration solutions, several systems need to operate in what is called a chain. To ensure the correct working of the entire system, system integration tests are indispensable. We also provide other services, such as unit tests and init integration tests.

    Axon Olympus Test Services – EN


    Test Management and Coordination

    Test management and coordination comprises all work necessary to develop and monitor an effective test process within your organization or project. Think of setting up a test organization, developing test plans and schedules, performing risk assessments and managing and coaching testers.

    The Axon Olympus test consultants will perform the above activities in close cooperation with you, the client.


    Requirements Management

    Whether a project is successful or not is largely determined in the beginning when the requirements are collected. All too often the results do not meet expectations. To prevent this from happening Axon Olympus helps you clarify what should be expected. This test service is called Requirements Management: the process of collecting, analysing, documenting and monitoring these expectations. When requirements are clearly defined, they are also measurable, which means they can be evaluated during the test phases.

    Axon Olympus Test Services – EN


    (integration) tests

    We distinguish several specific tests that our consultants can assist you with. Examples are the Unit Test, the Unit integration Test, the System Test and the System Integration Test. The latter is of great importance when working with integration projects and must be executed by a specialist in this field.

    We can further assist with Functional Acceptance Tests (FAT), User Acceptance Tests (UAT) and Production Acceptance Tests (PAT).

    Axon Olympus Test Services – EN


    Test Automation

    Of course Axon Olympus is your partner for the automated testing of an integration environment. For instance, test automation when many modifications to the code have been made. Or when, after the release, regular regression tests are performed in order to determine whether the system quality is

    deteriorating or not.

    Tools such as Visual Studio, BizUnit and NUnit are deployed for this.

    Axon Olympus Test Services – EN