We offer a BizTalk training programme for both developers and administrators. Below are some examples:


    BizTalk Server 2010 & 2013 for Developers

    In this training, you acquaint yourself with BizTalk Server, Microsoft’s modern messaging platform. BizTalk can be utilised in several ways to integrate between different systems. What is BizTalk Server? How can you deploy the product? When do you use orchestrations? How to define a pipeline? How to build an orchestration in Visual Studio? All these questions will be answered in the training.

    Of course there is plenty of time to work hands-on with BizTalk Server in a safe environment.
    Duration: 4 days.
    Dates: June 28 and 30 and July 6 and 7.
    Cost: 2.400 euro.


    BizTalk Server 2010 & 2013 for Administrators

    This training is for IT professionals. The training gives you the knowledge you need to configure a BizTalk Server and to manage it in an operational environment. BizTalk is deployed to realise an integration between different systems. Next to the solution realised by the developer, this training has a substantial infrastructural component. Answer is given to questions such as: How to install a BizTalk application? How to configure a port or adapter? How to monitor the system’s health?

    Duration: 2 days.
    Dates: t.b.a.
    Cost: 1.300 euro.



    BizTalk360 is a web based application primarily designed for supporting and monitoring controlled Microsoft BizTalk Server environments like Production, Staging, UAT, SIT etc. It addresses some of the common challenges big enterprise customers face while managing the controlled environments. Some of the common challenges include Fine grained authorization, Governance/Auditing, proactive alerting/notification capabilities and topology. BizTalk360 was designed to solve these issues.

    But how do you use this tool? Our BizTalk experts are experienced in working with BizTalk360 and will tell you how to use it.

    Duration: half day.
    Cost: 600 euro.


    Disaster Recovery

    This training focuses on restoring a BizTalk environment after a serious disturbance. As the management department is always under great pressure under such circumstances, it is extremely important that the required knowledge and experience are present within the company. The performance of your employees as well as your backup and restore procedures are tested.


    BizTalk custom training

    We are asked on a regular basis if it is possible to share our expertise in the form of a custom training. In our experience, many organisations feel the need to receive training which focuses on specific subjects. You developers already know the basics of BizTalk development. It just needs to be enhanced and deepened. Axon Olympus has extensive knowledge about the deployment of BizTalk in ‘the real world’. This is why we are the ideal partner to create a custom training programme with you.

    To learn more about our training solutions, please contact us at 0800-AXONOLYMPUS (0800-2966659) or e-mail info@axonolympus.nl.