Internet of Things Consultancy

    Internet of Things allows you to intelligently collect more relevant data and to analyze it in new ways. In this way, you can create ‘actionable insights’, enable product innovation and optimize business processes. The challenge lies in designing viable options, followed by questions such as:


    • How do we go about it?
    • Can I use existing data and systems?
    • What expertise do I need at which point?

    “Fail fast and fail often’ is a well-known adage. It is a testament to the increased complexity and the increased pace of innovation due to IT. No longer is it possible to completely work out an idea because that would require too much time and resources. Nobody can guarantee that you have the best idea. Rapid development, flexibility and low costs are necessary to achieve success. This is certainly true for IoT applications.


    Fast and affordable

    Axon Olympus provides access to affordable Internet of Things projects through a simple, uncluttered method that offers quick results. Learn and optimize through our unique IoT methodology. Our system leads to results in four stages, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.


    Internet of Things services methodology


    • Step 1: Measure
      We connect your sensors and data sources to the cloud to collect the measurement data and to start the visualization. This first step already brings added value because you can visualize the information make issues measurable. As an example, this allows you to see where your equipment or tools are, how customers move through your store, which machines need maintenance according to the guidelines or what devices are defective.
    • Step 2: Analyze
      By analyzing your data, you gain new insights. These insights will help to define cause and effect and to identify factors that affect your business issues. Examples of this include detecting associations between groups, discovering whether public holidays affect your sales, discovering higher failure rates in certain equipment, or assessing which lorry drivers are more economical.
    • Step 3: Predict
      With the new insights you have acquired, we can create models that help you make predictions. These models are usually smarter and more accurate than human decision makers. A model can consider more factors and be more objective than a human being. For example, a predictive model estimates maintenance schedules for your vehicles. Not only by looking at the distance travelled since the last maintenance, but also by taking many other factors into account, such as average speed, braking, acceleration, starting and stopping, driver history etc. These models are also better in detecting suspicious patterns which could point to fraudulent behavior.
    • Step 4: Automate
      Once you have created ‘actionable insights’, it is important to translate them into automated actions that allow decisions to be made faster and more efficiently. An example is a machine that needs maintenance. It can be scheduled for maintenance automatically while at the same time not being available for work. Another example is automatically starting and aiming security cameras when issues arise. Another is the diversion of traffic to avoid jams.

    Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

    Axon Olympus offers you the necessary technology and expertise to achieve the above four steps, drastically reducing your burden. Our methodology provides fast results. With limited resources we are able to determine if your ideas are viable and technically feasible. We use the Nebulus™ IoT Gateway to make your existing sensors and data sources ‘IoT capable’ with minimal investment.


    Azure cloud

    The Microsoft Azure cloud provides a complete, secure, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for IoT. We build your cloud environment based on our own Azure IoT architecture model. By using this model, we can set up your environment properly and quickly. At the same time, we comply with Microsoft guidelines and provide for default security and management issues. Through our IoT calculation models, we can give insight into the expected IoT costs within only a couple of days. This allows you to incorporate these costs early on into your business case.


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