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    Restoring BizTalk Server 2010 databases

    Jeroen HendriksWhen you look at Microsoft’s documentation about restoring your BizTalk databases they always talk about restoring your databases by using log shipping. Most of my client have various reasons

    27 March 2013

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    DTA Purge and archive, purge only

    Jeroen HendriksOne of the SQL jobs created during the configuration of BizTalk is the DTA purge and archive job. This job purges tracking data from the tracking database (BizTalkDTADb). By default it also archives

    12 February 2013

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    Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 is coming

    Peter VervoornThe market introduction of Microsoft’s middleware software “BizTalk” is expected for the second quarter of 2013. A beta version of BizTalk Server 2013 has been ready for download

    17 January 2013

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    Enforce your tracking strategy with a PowerShell script

    Jeroen HendriksOn http://www.biztalkadminsblogging.com, I wrote a blogpost on how to enforce your tracking strategy.   I did this because one of my customers had a tracking strategy stating that by default

    04 January 2013

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    PowerShell script that gets BizTalk Server group settings

    Jeroen HendriksIn my PowerShell scripts I often use the same functionality as in other PowerShell scripts. To prevent me from writing the same code over and over again I created a library with generic code that I

    22 May 2012

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    How to get the status of host instances with PowerShell

    Jeroen HendriksIn my scripts I regularly check the status of host instances on a BizTalk system. For example, if I want to start a host instance in a script, I first check if it isn’t in started state already.

    19 April 2012

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    Performance Analysis of Logs Tool

    Jeroen HendriksWhen it comes to performance analysis you can get overloaded with performance data. Manually analyzing it takes a lot of time. Analyzing it can be difficult. Most admins know that an average cpu load

    01 March 2012

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    Automatically remove old backup files

    Jeroen HendriksAt my company we are running over 10 BizTalk development and test servers. On those servers I enabled the SQL Server BizTalk backup job. I do not however want to manually delete old backups of

    04 February 2012

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    Backup BizTalk applications and bindings script

    Jeroen HendriksI regularly install upgrades of BizTalk applications for clients. Before I delete the BizTalk application that is being upgraded I export the MSI and binding file. If needed, you can easily restore

    31 January 2012

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    Compare hotfixes

    Jeroen HendriksIn a BizTalk group with multiple BizTalk servers it is important to keep the servers as much alike as possible. Differences between servers can lead to unpredictable results. To reduce the change on incidents and problems administrators should

    29 January 2012

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