Patrick Wellink

    Not all Properties are created equal!

    Patrick WellinkAlthough there are several posts about the different type of Context Properties, they do not explain the most important differences in full.

    03 september 2014

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    Logical (Existence) functoid in BizTalk 2013

    Patrick WellinkToday I was migrating a project from BizTalk 2010 to BizTalk 2013. I have done this several times so I wasn’t expecting any problems. But today I had some problems with the combination of

    16 mei 2014

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    The new and improved Microsoft support procedure

    Patrick WellinkNormally I only blog about technical issues but this time I made an exception. Having done third line customer support myself for a software firm, I still have a lot of affection with this issue.

    05 maart 2014

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    Impersonate WCF Credentials when calling a WCF Service

    Patrick WellinkOne of the requirements that I regularly encounter is that I need to call WCF TCP or WCF Web with trusted authentication.   My development laptop or my virtual machines are never member of the

    30 januari 2014

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    Upgrading to BizTalk 2013: the new Transformation engine

    Patrick WellinkOne of the big improvements in BizTalk 2013 is the performance boost that is gained by using the "XslCompiledTransform" versus the "XslTransform".

    07 januari 2014

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    Side effects of the DotNet framework 4.5

    Patrick WellinkJust to become familiar with the new feature set of BizTalk 2013 I have been busy building a new BizTalk machine. It’s a complete new machine and all software is the latest there is. Currently my

    02 mei 2013

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