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    How to create BizTalk360 Alerts during deployment with BTDF

    Lex HegtBizTalk360 is becoming increasingly popular as a monitoring and management tool for organizations that use BizTalk. And there’s good news for BizTalk360 users everywhere: You can now extend the

    17 maart 2016

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    Send Port Group and Delivery Notifications

    Pim SimonsI was recently asked to assist one of our customers with a problem they were experiencing with one of their BizTalk interfaces. They had created an orchestration that was sending a message using a

    17 september 2015

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    Oracle PL/SQL scripts with BizTalk Deployment Framework

    Lex HegtOften the deployment of BizTalk solutions consists of more than deploying just BizTalk Applications. By incorporating these tasks into your BTDF-project, less coordination with other teams is

    15 januari 2015

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    Lost Messages Caused By MSDTC Problems

    Pim SimonsRecently I was asked to assist an organization using BizTalk that was experiencing problems on their BizTalk 2010 production environment. They were losing incoming messages and were unable to figure

    26 september 2014

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    About schemas and reserved words

    Rinske de JongRecently I got some weird errors while compiling a BizTalk project containing orchestrations. Errors like 'unexpected token' and 'unexpected keyword', and 'a part of a messagetype must be of class

    17 september 2014

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    Not all Properties are created equal!

    Patrick WellinkAlthough there are several posts about the different type of Context Properties, they do not explain the most important differences in full.

    03 september 2014

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    Logical (Existence) functoid in BizTalk 2013

    Patrick WellinkToday I was migrating a project from BizTalk 2010 to BizTalk 2013. I have done this several times so I wasn’t expecting any problems. But today I had some problems with the combination of

    16 mei 2014

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    BAM Pitfalls with BizTalk Server 2013

    Lex HegtRecently I was working on implementing some BAM Views for a customer who is using BizTalk Server 2013. During the setup of the BAM Views on my development machine I ran into some issues. In this blog

    06 maart 2014

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    Upgrading to BizTalk 2013: the new Transformation engine

    Patrick WellinkOne of the big improvements in BizTalk 2013 is the performance boost that is gained by using the "XslCompiledTransform" versus the "XslTransform".

    07 januari 2014

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    Hosting WCF receive locations using the isolated host

    Pim SimonsI was recently asked to support an organization using BizTalk which, after performing maintenance on their BizTalk environment, encountered unexpected messages that had entered the MessageBox.

    07 januari 2014

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    The organization of hosts and host instances

    Jasper DefescheIn this blog entry I want to discuss the organization of host and host instances in your BizTalk Group. Central in this discussion is the application landscape pictured below. You can see...

    18 oktober 2013

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    Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 is coming

    Peter VervoornThe market introduction of Microsoft’s middleware software “BizTalk” is expected for the second quarter of 2013. A beta version of BizTalk Server 2013 has been ready for download

    17 januari 2013

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